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      You are entitled to a general practitioner, a.k.a. family doctor (fastlege). The GP shall be available to you and prioritize you ahead of patients who are not on his or her patient list.

      You yourself choose which doctor you want to have as your GP, but the doctor must have a vacancy on his or her list. You can choose a doctor in another municipality than where you live. If you want to use a doctor who is not part of the GP scheme, you must pay a higher patient’s charge when consulting him or her.

      If you have children who are younger than 16 years old, you must also choose a GP for them. You do not need to choose the same GP for your child that you have chosen for yourself.

      You can keep your place on your GP’s list if you are placed in a nursing home, but you must use the nursing home’s doctor during your stay there.


      • Everyone registered with a Norwegian address in the National Registry (Folkeregisteret)
      • Asylum seekers with a D number
      • NATO personnel with a D number, and their family members




      You choose your GP by:

      • logging in to the Min fastlege website, or
      • calling the GP telephone number at 800 HELSE (800 43 573)

      You can change your GP twice per calendar year. You can also change your GP if he or she retires, quits the scheme, or reduces his or her number of patients.

      If you move to a new municipality and have notified the National Registry of this move, you will receive a letter detailing which GPs in the new municipality have vacancies on their list. You can choose whether to switch to one of these doctors or keep the GP you already have.

      The change of GP applies from the first day of the month after it has been registered. Your medical journal will not be automatically transferred to your new GP. You must contact your previous GP yourself to have your journal transferred. Your previous GP may require payment for such a transfer.




      • If you are not satisfied with your GP, you can use your right to change. You are allowed to change your GP twice per calendar year.
      • You cannot appeal if do not get your preferred GP, nor if you lose the GP you already have. If your preferred GP has a patient list that is full, you must wait until he or she has a vacancy before selecting him or her.
      • If you are unable to choose a GP in the municipality where you live, you can appeal to the municipality doctor.
      • If you are dissatisfied with the GP’s work, you can submit a complaint to the county governor.

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