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      If you are pregnant, you are entitled to pregnancy checkups.  You can choose whether you want the checkups to be done by a midwife at a health clinic, your family doctor (fastlege), or both.

      Pregnancy checkups help you remain healthy during your pregnancy by regularly monitoring your health.

      You will be offered nine checkups, and the first checkup usually takes place between pregnancy weeks 8 and 12. If you so desire, the child’s father, your spouse/partner, or another companion can join you.

      The midwife or doctor will take blood tests, measure your blood pressure, and test a urine sample. Your weight will be recorded every time. Between pregnancy weeks 17 and 19 you will be offered an ultrasound examination.

      The midwife or doctor will offer to have a conversation with you with the intent of giving you advice and recommendations that are adapted to your needs, and assess whether you need to be checked up more frequently.

      Topics of interest include:

      • nutrition, exercise, smoking, and alcohol
      • your life situation
      • your work situation in relation to being pregnant 
      • your health status, hereditary illnesses in your family, and any chronic illnesses
      • previous pregnancies and births
      • common ailments and changes that take place during pregnancy 
      • welfare scheme options, rights, and duties
      • the municipality’s pregnancy care service
      • various options for giving birth where you live
      • the delivery, having a child, and preparing for postnatal activities and breastfeeding
      • your spouse’s/partner’s role during the delivery

      You can also receive advice relating to your domestic life and the role of the parent, and also be enrolled in a course that prepares you for childbirth.

      The midwife or doctor can also address issues that may be difficult to talk about. Such issues include:

      • a heightened or prolonged feeling of sadness 
      • psychological ailments or depressions
      • violence, physical and mental harassment, and sexual abuse
      • eating disorders
      • anxieties, a fear of giving birth, or a fear of hospitals

      If necessary, you may be referred to a specialist such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist to get help.


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      You do not have to apply for pregnancy checkups. Please contact the nearest health clinic to schedule an appointment, or contact your family doctor (fastlege).




      If you believe you are not receiving necessary help or are dissatisfied with how the service is being performed, you can submit a complaint to the municipality or directly to the provider of the service. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and the changes you wish to see. If your complaint is rejected, or the municipality contends that your rights have been fulfilled, you can appeal to the County Governor’s Office.

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