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The application deadline for the main admission is March 1st each year.


      You have the right to a place at a day care institution from August if your child turns one no later than August 31th during the year you apply for. Will your child turn one in September, October or November the year you apply for, you'll have the right to a place at a day care institution from the month that your child turns one. You must apply before the deadline for the main admission.

      In collaboration with the child’s family, the day care institution shall take care of the child’s need for care and play. Day care shall promote learning and education, which lays the foundation for the child’s all-round development.

      The day care institution shall take into account the child’s

      • age
      • ability level
      • gender
      • social, ethnic, and cultural background


      Children aged 0–6 years who reside or are about to reside in the municipality.


      Your right to a place at a day care institution applies only to day care institutions in the municipality where you live.

      The following will be given priority admission:

      • children with disabilities
      • children who are in the custody of the Child Welfare Service
      • children who require assistance from the Child Welfare Service


      Health clinics

      Educational and Psychological Counselling Service (PPT)

      Child Welfare Service


      The Day Care Institutions Act and its attendant regulations ensure identical admission practices in municipal and private day care institutions. Priority admission will be given to children with disabilities and to children who have been the subject of decisions made pursuant to the Child Welfare Service Act (section 4.12 and the second and fourth paragraphs of section 4.4) and the Day Care Institutions Act (section 13).

      Child Welfare Act

      Day Care Institutions Act

      Regulation concerning parental payments to day care institutions

      Regulation concerning the framework plan for the content and responsibilities of day care institutions

      Regulation concerning the rules of administrative procedure during admissions to day care institutions


      The municipality shall facilitate a coordinated admission process, so as to ensure that the children, and also the various public and private day care institutions, are treated equally. An application for a place in a day care institution should be completed in a special form that is common for all the day care institutions. An application form must be submitted for each individual child.

      If your child is entitled to priority admission, a statement from the competent agency must be attached to the application.




      Following the main admission, you can appeal if your application for a day care place has been denied. If both your first and second choices have been denied, you can also appeal and ask for a written justification. Following the supplementary admission, you can only appeal if you have a right to priority admission. The appeal deadline is usually three weeks after you receive a reply to your application. You should submit the appeal to the section that made the decision.

      If the municipality agrees that your child should have been offered the place in question, the child shall be offered the first available place after children with a higher priority have been offered a place. If the municipality disagrees with your appeal, the case will be forwarded to the municipality’s appeals board.

      If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by day care, you can discuss the matter with those in charge of the service. If you do not win through with your viewpoints, you can submit a written complaint to the municipality.

      Contact information

      Other information

      Framework plan for daycare institutions (The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training)


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