KRLE Classes: Option of Seeking Partial Exemption

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      As a pupil in primary school you take classes in Christianity, Religion, Beliefs, and Ethics (KRLE), which is a common core subject for all pupils, regardless of their religious or ethical values. The subject is not to be taught in a preaching manner, and the school shall show respect to your religion or your beliefs.

      Situations may nevertheless arise that you consider to be problematical, for example the pre-Christmas church service. In such cases you can ask to be exempted.

      The right to exemption on similar grounds applies to every school subject, not only KRLE. You can ask to be exempted from a single activity or from parts of the class.
      You cannot ask to be exempted from being taught the educational content of KRLE.


      Pupils in primary school.

      If you have turned 15, you can ask to be partially exempted yourself. If you are younger than 15, your parents or guardians can ask for you to be partially exempted.


      Either you or your parents/guardians consider that the teaching

      • either practises or approves of another religion or belief 
      • is offensive or constitutes a personal violation



      Education Act, section 2.4 (Teaching of the KRLE subject)

      Education Act, section 2.3a (Exemption from activities, etc., in the teaching)


      Notification of exemption must be in writing and must state which activities or parts of the teaching you want to be exempt from. You do not have to provide any reason for why you want to be exempt. Pupils who have turned 15 can submit the notification themselves without the consent of their parents/guardians.




      If your school does not accept your notification of exemption, you can appeal. You must submit your appeal no later than three weeks after you received the letter of reply. In your appeal you must state and justify what you want changed. The school will offer assistance upon request. You must submit your appeal to the head teacher at your school, who will consider whether there are grounds for changing the decision. If the original decision is upheld, the case is forwarded to the county governor’s office.

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