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      All children have a right and a duty to attend primary education, starting from the calendar year they turn 6 years:

      • A right to attend primary education means that all children are entitled to be taught at a state primary school. 
      • A duty to attend primary education means that the pupils must participate in primary education, but not necessarily at a state school. As a parent you can instead choose an independent school (private school) or home teaching (i.e. you teach your own children at home).

      You will receive a letter from the municipality well in advance of the first day of school. The letter states which school has reserved a place for your child and what you should do to either confirm or turn down this place. Prospective first-year pupils are usually invited to attend a special school introduction day during spring. You will be notified about where and when to meet up, both for the school introduction day in spring and for the first day of school after the summer vacation.

      Your child has a right to attend either the school that is closest to your home or the school in your neighbourhood that you sort under. You can apply to be enrolled at a school other than the one your child sorts under.


      • School-age children 
      • Children who turn 5 years and have been evaluated by the pedagogical-psychological service (PPT) as being ready for School




      Education Act section 2-1 (the right and duty to attend primary education)

      Education Act, section 2.15 (the right to free primary education at a state school)

      Education Act section 8-1 (the school)

      Education Act, section 2.13 (use of the act for home teaching)

      Independent School Act


      If you have recently moved to a municipality and have not received a letter of enrolment, you must contact the new municipality to enrol your child in school.

      If you are uncertain whether your child is mature enough to start school, you should contact the municipality a good deal of time before he or she is set to start school. It is the municipality that determines whether the child should postpone starting school. Before the municipality makes its decision, the child must be evaluated by the pedagogical-psychological service (PPT).

      You can also apply for your child to start school at an earlier age, that is, the calendar year he or she turns 5. In order to be eligible for such early enrolment, your child must turn 5 before 1 April and must be evaluated by the pedagogical-psychological service (PPT).

      If you choose to teach your child at home, you must inform the municipality of this decision.




      If you are dissatisfied with the municipality’s decision, you are entitled to lodge an appeal. The deadline is three weeks from when you received the municipality’s decision. The appeal must state and justify what you want changed. The municipality offers assistance upon request.

      Submit the appeal to the authority that made the decision. They will evaluate whether any changes are justified. If the original decision is upheld, the appeal is forwarded to the county governor’s office.

      You will be informed of the outcome of the appeal when a final resolution has been made.

      Contact information

      Other information

      Information to parents on the regulations concerning primary school (the Directorate for Education and Training’s website)


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